Our music


A mixture of traditional and modern gospel, inspirational songs.



Our music style


We consider ourselves a family who have grown over the years in diversity and dynamics, from village festivals to gospel concerts we’ve done it all and it is thanks to our choir director Kevina Williams and dedicated mentor-musician Sylvester Williams and the support of our choir members each Monday night.


You can expect lively renditions of tradition and modern gospel, inspirational songs that will connect with the audience.


To hear more from us visit our youtube or soundcloud page.




Coventry and Warwickshire Gospel Choir with Sandra Godley in a debut performance at Coventry Cathedral. Filmed by ITV Central in 2008

Coventry and Warwickshire Gospel Choir, belting out Sister Act classic - I will follow him.

Coventry and Warwickshire Gospel Choir singing 'Gonna be a lovely day'